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How to get a new heating system installed in NYC building without natural gas?   If you are trying to save money from your enormous heating oil bill and interested in acquiring a new gas supply line from ConEd and have been told.   Either, the required BTU amount required isn’t yet available for your area of Manhattan, or your Gas Load Request Letter was denied.  Or, you were told the capital investment would in the -millions of dollars- and you can’t justify the expense.  There is another option, one that doesn’t run on oil or gas at all.

Welcome to the world of VRF systems.


 VRF Systems Experts NYC


VRF indoor unit

VRF origins: Introduced in the U.S. about five years ago, VRF systems were invented in Japan more than 20 years ago.  They’re widely used in Asia, Europe and South America however variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems are new to the U.S. HVAC market.  In short, VRF systems provide super efficient heating & air conditioning for nearly any local and installation requirement.  It’s energy efficiency advantages and installation flexibility means these systems will be getting more popular throughout NYC heating upgrades and new installations in the near future.

VRF Systems For Cold Weather Climates.  Note: It has been said VRF systems & Mini Split systems aren’t a good fit for cold weather environments.   The people who say this, are not high heating- cooling high-efficiency experts.

It is true, in the past, supplemental heating systems have been required and still will be for the most extreme coldest NYC winter weather.   However VRF manufactures have recently designed newer systems specifically for cold winter environment installation locations.  For example, Daikin has extended its range of VRF air conditioning systems with the technologically advanced VRV III-C inverter controlled heat pump system, designed specially for installation in cold climates. The VRV III-C provides highly efficient heating in outdoor temperatures as low as -25 °C. It features newly developed 2-stage compression technology, providing better heating performance

FREE air conditioning system with your new heating system? 

VRF systems not only provide super efficient heat for 95% +of the year, since they are “heat pumps” they also work in reverse and provide super efficient air conditioning.  Same exact equipment, simply turn the thermostat to the desired temp and enjoy.

055VRF systems run efficiently on a low amount of electricity and offers an energy-efficient solution that provides considerable flexibility. But, as with any other HVAC system, their cost-effectiveness and usefulness needs to be evaluated on a building-by-building basis. VRF systems are a good option for buildings with varying loads and different zones: structures such as hotels, schools, and office buildings and especially multi family- high density residential buildings where individual users want to have control over the temperature in their areas.

VRF Installation & Design Education, NYC

Both Mitsubishi and Daikin are taking steps to educate U.S. engineers, architects, and contractors on the technology and Mini Split, Ductless and VRF systems stand to take a sizable piece of the high-efficiency heating market segment.

VRF Systems for beginners.

A simple explanation of how a VRF system works.  At the core of the system is a Heat Pump, which simply moves heat from one place to another, powered electrically.

How a heat pump works:

A simple explanation of why the system is efficient.  Moving heat from one place to another is much more efficient than creating heat.

A simple example of how a VRF system works.  If it’s winter and the system turned on to to the heat setting, it simply removes the cold air within the outside air, condenses the remaining heat within the air and pushes it in the home. When in air conditioning mode the heat pump expels the heat outside, condenses the remaining cool are and forces it into the living space.

Note:  Everyone owns a heat pump, they are within every refrigerator keeping everything nice and cold. VRF systems are countless times more advanced, more powerful, and work in both temperature directions, heating & cooling.

Recently the systems have been introduced for the large commercial market, and we are pleased to be a NYC company dedicated to high-efficiency heating and cooling options

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