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Improved Control

How much control do you have over your heating system?
If it’s an older heating system you likely have very little control.

The less control you have on a heating system the more money you spend/waste on fuel.

There are a number of effective ways to increase the control of your heating system, most commonly, tenets can physically control the amount of heat coming out of the radiators by adjusting Radiator Control Valves.   There are other most advanced “add-on” systems that intelligently monitor indoor air temp, outdoor temp, re-circulating heating water temp, condensate temp and other factors.   Monitoring these changing factors is step one to optimal efficiency on your heating equipment.  Adjusting the heating system based on these factors results in the optimal efficiency for the heating or cooling system.


New Radiator Control Valves

raditorvalvnewIt’s a simple fact that without radiator control valves, there is no way for tents to change the temperature coming out of their radiators.  Tenets without working radiator control valves are forced to use the windows as a way to control the heat, letting your profit out the window.   When you install new (even the least expensive) manually controlled (human operated) radiator valves on radiators that currently have no control valves, drastic energy savings can be yours.

raditorTRVvalve More expensive, thermostatic radiator control valves (TRV) senses the air temp and adjust the valves according, automatically.  TRV”s offer a 20% energy savings, while improving comfort over the least expensive “manually controlled” valves.


Energy Economizers


Turn your older UN-intellgent heating system, into an  intelligently controlled heating systems with our line of boiler economizers.

Our exclusive line of heating, central air conditioning and commercial-refrigeration economizers is proven to reduce energy consumption between 10 percent – we guarantee that, every time – and up to 30 percent.

We offer complete economizer solutions for hydronic, steam and forced-air heating systems; a range of refrigeration units; and leading central package/rooftop air conditioners.

Over the past 15 years, thousands of energy economizers were installed in government, commercial and residential buildings. Reducing energy consumption, lowering energy costs and even helping to reduce pollution – These systems are now available for smaller applications. (400k BTU and up)

Our non-invasive energy economizers are easily installed by our factory certified contractors will immediately reduce energy consumption by as much as 30 percent in any furnace, boiler, air conditioner or refrigeration unit.

By better managing energy use, our economizers also extend the lives of heating, cooling and refrigeration systems and cut regular maintenance – all while providing optimal environmental comfort.


Indoor- Outdoor sensors

Various types and brands of new indoor outdoor sensors on the market.

ContorlOutDoorSteamSteam Control regulates the indoor temperature based on firing time of the steam boiler. The firing time of the steam boiler is based on outdoor temperature, condensate return temperature and control settings. The condensate return sensor provides information to the control to determine when the boiler has produced enough steam to reach the furthest radiator and to start the percent boiler on time.