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Should I Go “High Efficiency” or Not With My Building’s Heating Upgrade?

questionmanGHigh efficiency heating and cooling systems can save you tens to hundreds of thousand of dollars every few years.   However, there are many high-efficiency heating options today and before you even consider getting quotes for any heating upgrade, you need to.  A) educate yourself on the different high-efficiency heating options available today for NYC buildings, and B) you need to figure what type of systems your NYC building best matches with.

FlashMicro4g 264We are here to provide that education and help you figure out everything you need to know to make an educated decision about your heating upgrade.   Figuring out what type of high-efficiency system fits best for your building is based on what kind of heating system you currently have, the age, size, height, and the layout of the building.  How much power is supplied to the building.  The type of pipes within your walls- or not.   Is your building undergoing other upgrades?  If it is then we might have access to run new gas, water, or electrical lines in some walls.   Does the building have 100% occupancy, and we can’t get in any of the units?  Do you have natural gas, want natural gas, stuck on oil?  There are literally dozens of factors to figuring out what system is best for you.  It all starts with EDUCATION, you need to educate yourself before you can do anything and that’s why our team of NYC heating experts is here offering professional Low Cost consultations.

Within NYC, more specifically Manhattan, we have strict requirements & challenges that no other place in America has to deal with.  Knowledge of these strict requirements separates 98% of the normal plumbers from the our team dedicated to high-efficiency heating system design and installation.

Getting it right the first time, is the only way we do business.  (Follow link)

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Lets be honest it all comes down to money, whether or not the savings justify the investment, and that formula is different to different types of buildings owners.   The “heating upgrade formula” can’t be written until you know the factors, and until you know the variables you can’t possibly answer the equation.   Don’t let yourself or a valued assistant become mentally drained with endless research, we are the educators and we want to share the knowledge like a great tutor.  Let us help you learn about the options out there and give you some no pressure advice with our consultation service on what systems offer can accomplish your efficiency goals and offer you the best ROI for your building, qualify for the best tax rebates etc.

High efficiency heating options for nyc buildings.

Looking for a high-efficiency option to your boiler or domestic hot water system?

One of our most exciting new product lines in the high-efficiency Mod-Con segment is the Intellihot tankless water heater, boiler and combi unts.

Commercial Tankless Water Heater Installations NYC

For Schools, Federal, Apartments, Offices, Car washes, Restaurants, Hospitals

  • Easily replace up to 2 Million BTU
  • – Cut Capital expenditure ~ 44%
  • – Lower operating costs ~ 30 to 40%
  • – Recover space ~ 50%
  • High uptime / Mission critical operation
  • – Real time remote monitoring
  • – Always sized right

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We have the perfect high-efficiency heating system addition to any NYC building.  Choosing which high-efficiency system is the best fit for your building, which manufactures to work with, the proper sizes and everything that goes into figuring it out is what we do best.

Give us call if you want to explore high-efficiency heating options for your New York City building.



Gas fired high-efficiency heating systems such as Tankless Boilers, Mod-Con Boilers & Combi Boilers are only the first step in your learning process.   Take a look at the other high-efficiency systems we represent such as; VRF, CHP, Heat Recovery & our Custom Hybrid Systems.