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Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery systems, NYC

Did you know it’s possible to save energy by using waste heat from a
chilled water, exhaust and other areas?  The process is known as Heat Recovery.

There are several heat recovery methods of capturing heat from the chilled water system & other systems.  This heat, which is otherwise wasted to the environment, can be used for many purposes, including building heat, service water heating and process heat applications. To maximize the captured waste heat without decreasing the chiller plant efficiency, the system must carry out the following:

Capture enough heat for useful purposes.
Minimize chiller lift and maximize chiller efficiency.
Control the hot water temperature without sacrificing stable chiller plant operation.

These accomplishments can lead to reduced energy consumption, lower greenhouse gas generation, and increased LEED® certification points, which are extremely desirable goals given today’s focus on energy conservation and the development of high performance buildings.

#1) Heat Recovery Chiller Systems:

Capturing Sufficient Heat for Useful Domestic Hot Water:

Air-conditioning systems transfer heat from one place to another through work that typically consumes electricity. Heat is drawn into the system to provide indoor cooling while heat leaves the system in the form of wasted heat at the condenser. The amount of wasted heat can be 25% more than the cooling that the process creates. Put that wasted heat back into your system and keep more profit in your pocket.





#2) Boiler Exhaust Economizers:

CainEaconomizerProduct lines depicting boiler exhaust economizers designed to recover the lost heat exiting from exhaust stacks and preheating boiler feed water, process water, domestic water, pool water, etc. more…

Cain Industries offers an extensive selection of boiler economizers specifically designed to recover the lost Btu exiting from exhaust stacks and preheat water.

Our line of economizers covers the spectrum of boiler sizes, ranging from very small hot water boilers with burner inputs of 200,000 Btu/hr to the large boilers delivering steam at 250,000 lb/hr.


#3) SmartHeat’s PHE Units:

  • Compact PHE Units are specially designed for use in district heating and HVAC distribution systems and can significantly reduce heat loss in transfer;
  • PHE Units take far less space than shell and tube heat exchangers of equivalent capacity, weigh much less and produce higher energy savings due to higher heat transfer coefficients;
  • Heavy turbulence and counter-flow principle enable an efficient heat transfer;
  • Heat transfer and pressure drop can be precisely regulated;
  • Can be customized to fit a variety of industry applications.

PHE Units are constructed by integrating PHEs with various pumps, temperature sensors, valves, and electronic controlling instruments to form a “unit” which is then often used along with other units to form a “PHE network”.


#4) Heat Recovery Water Heaters:

A Therma-Stor Heat Recovery System recovers wasted energy and converts it to free hot water.

A typical cooling system removes heat from the area that needs to be cooled. Without a Therma-Stor Heat Recovery System, this removed heat, or energy, is just dissipated to the surrounding area or exhausted. It is wasted.

The Therma-Stor system uses this “waste” energy to heat water. The result is free hot water that can be used for dish washers, laundry facilities, cleaning, and more.

Is Therma-Stor Right For Your Building?

Many businesses can benefit from a Therma-Stor Heat Recovery System. Commercial air conditioning systems, coolers, freezers, ice machines and other refrigeration systems have enough waste heat energy for large-scale water heating.

Here are some companies currently using Therma-Stor Heat Recovery Systems.

RestaurantsHeat Recovery Water Heaters
Bob Evans Farms
Burger King
Country Kitchen
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Taco Bell
White Castle

Harvard University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College, Hilton Inn,Holiday Inn, Indiana University, Marriott International, University of Maine

A & P, Albertson’s,  Bi-Lo,  Food Lion,  Giant,  Hannaford,  H.E.B.,  IGA, Jewel,  Kroger,  Publix,  Safeway,  Stop & Shop, Wal-Mart,  Wild Oats


5) Steam Heating System Heat Recovery Products.

There are many ways to boost steam heating efficiency, especially for old steam heating systems.  Let our energy consultants help you with your steam heating system improvement suggestions.   Some suggestions include but not limited to:

  • Stack Economizers
  • Condensing Economizers
  • Flash Tank Heat Recovery Systems
  • Blowdown Heat Recovery Systems
  • Deadorators
  • Boiler Feed Systems
  • Condesate Return Systems
  • Surge Tanks
  • and others..

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