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Hybrid Design

Hybrid Heating Design, NYC

Do you want the most highly efficient heating system possible?

  • Our Hybrid High Efficiency Systems offer the largest energy savings.
  • We create custom heating designs based on your exact buildings needs.
  • 100% custom hybrid ultra high efficient heating systems.
  • We use a mix of different high efficiency heating products, utilizing the strength of each.   -These hybrid systems allow us to achieve optimal efficiency levels throughout all temperature ranges, all seasons of the year.

If you are currently on oil, have the ability to get gas, or already have gas and want the most efficient heating system.  Call or write us for a consultation.

Hybrid Heating Design, NYC  (Energy Savings)

80%+ savings is possible with our custom hybrid heating systems over many old and even the most “current” heating systems.

(Pictured below:  Custom hybrid heating high efficiency heating system with CHP.)  Building owner got over an 80% reduction from heating bills, and a 50% reduction in electricity, in one advanced system.



Hybrid High Efficiency System Design  (Recent Proposal)


Heating Proposal

January 29, 2013
West 58th Street
New York, New York

After reviewing the existing plans and goals of the building we would like to present our proposal with our concept design to achieve the goals and maximize return on investment.

Heating Installation:
We recommend installing one high-efficiency boiler (Viessmann Vitocrossal 200) to work in parallel with two mid efficiency boilers (Hi Delta) to create a hybrid system which will give you maximum savings in mild weather and provide necessary heating in cold weather.

Since the building has fan coil units the system won’t condense much during very cold temperatures so a mid efficiency boiler is sufficient for the peak load.  This is based on Our concept design for the system.  Once contract is signed we will create the drawings for the system.

ï‚· Installation of Viessmann Vitocrossal 200 with all necessary near boiler piping, controls, and pumps for proper and efficient operation. Boiler included
ï‚· Installation of two Hi Delta boilers with all necessary near boiler piping, controls, and pumps for proper and efficient operation. These boilers will be stacked on top of each other and will be common vented. Boilers are included.
ï‚· Connection of new boilers to existing system
ï‚· Installation of dirtmag to protect the system

ï‚· Chemical cleaning and treatment of the system to ensure no dirt or grime of the existing system enters the new boilers. This would void the warranty.
ï‚· Electric work and controls for proper system operation
ï‚· Installation of new gas line to new boilers
ï‚· Venting
ï‚· Inspections

Total investment $$$$$$

Please Note: ï‚· To save money, we will use the existing expansion tanks, air elimination, and feeders from the chilled water system.


Hybrid Heating Design, NYC (add-ons)

Want to step you efficiency up to the next level?

Get a next level heating system design by adding a heat recovery system on to one of our hybrid high-efficiency heating systems.

Did you know your chillers might be able to produce  almost all your hot water, for FREE during the summer?   It’s true, we can reclaim heat many different ways with different heat recovery systems and installation techniques.  Truth be told, there is incredible waste in every old and even most new heating & cooling systems.  Our ultra high-efficiency heating systems are custom designed high-efficiency heating systems and we include intelligent ways (where possible) to reclaim and reuse heat that is otherwise wasted.

*We are willing to travel out-of-state for larger projects,  150+ units.

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