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CHP Quotes, NYC


CHP Quotes, NYC

After learning about CHP systems, you’ll likely want to see if a new CHP system is right for your NYC building.  We work with 2 of the largest CHP manufactures’ in North America.  Working hand in hand with manufacturing engineers means we can provide quotes for CHP systems in NYC area buildings.

Our CHP manufacture partnerships gives our clients access to exclusive Turn Key programs, which are Zero out-of-pocket programs.  Our CHP manufacture will even finance a new gas line, if there’s a required capital investment from ConEd for the gas supply line required to power the new CHP system.   If a 100% out of pocket is not available in almost all cases we can get the remaining investment needed with a hassle free loan from our ESCO companies.  We can get as muCHP quotes nyc ch financing as needed in exchange for a 3 year energy purchase contract, and 7% interest on the loan.

CHP quote requirements:
Please keep this in mind when considering a CHP for your NYC multifamily building.

  • CHP systems require a significant area within or near the mechanical room for installation and maintenance.
  • Commercial CHP systems are only right for Manhattan buildings with 80+ units.
  • CHP systems run on natural gas.

CHP systems are new for the smaller (non industrial) markets and our partners have great offers to help convince Manhattan buildings owners they are an exceptional choice to include in an energy reduction strategy.

Note: Turn Key programs can be 100% no cost, manufactures splits total energy reductions savings with building ownership as payment.  

We are happy to give you a quote for a new CHP system for your building but first, in order for us to start the process we need the following information. 

Once you submit the form we’ll be contacting you within the next day or so.   In order to get the ball rolling on a new CHP system for your building, you have some homework to do before our meeting.
When we first meet we will need:

  • The last 12 months of Electrical bills.
  • The last 12 months of Heating (gas & or oil) bills.
  • ESCO contract (if you have one).

We need this information for our proposal, but the actual monthly bills are not needed.  A summary from the accounting department is fine.  If you have a contract with an ESCO account please get a copy of your current contract.  You need to have this information ready for us at the day of your consultation.

Your CHP system partner for NYC.

We look forward to seeing a new combined heating and power system in your NYC building soon-