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Engineering Pics

Engineering Pics (coming soon)

(Bellow A modern high-efficiency boiler installation, linking 4 gas-fired mod-con high-efficiency boilers for heat, with storage tanks for domestic hot water.)
Project location, W 58th st, Manhattan, NY.

If you have already met with your ordinary plumber or engineer why not get a free second opinion with High Efficiency Heating Experts NYC.  A high-efficiency system can over 2-3 times more savings that conventional “upgrades” or standard field fabricated boilers.


(Below- One of our common, cost saving designs. By simply splitting off the domestic hot water needs -left-, from the field fabricated boiler -right-, we are able to shut the boiler down all “non heating seasons”  and save a small fortune by running a smaller system only for hot water.)  Project location-  Westend ave.  ** Lighting fast ROI.  Estimated cost 40k.  Estimated savings, over 40k per year.


(Below- A modern steam boiler upgrade. We’re removing the over sized field fabricated boiler and linking 2 new gas-fired steam boilers for more efficient steam heat.  With 5 wall mounted high-efficiency water heaters & storage tanks for domestic hot water.)   Project location-  7th ave, Time Square, across from Carnegie Deli.


(Below- Take a look at this space-saving plan here below.
Note: A very common floor plan for 100+ unit buildings in NYC. )

-Before-  About half the ground level is being used for heating and cooling systems.   From top left, in a clockwise rotation we have the Chiller Room,  Oil Tank Room, Steam Trap, Boiler Room, & Steam/ Mechanical Room.

The areas in red now are occupied by large heating equipment, which is  being eliminated with our new Hybrid Heating System.) Our space-saving hybrid heating systems is so small the entire thing fits in an old storage closet, in Green.


Tens of thousands of cubic feet of new space will be created, which intelligent NYC building owners will use to increase profitably of the building in different ways.

The owners of this building will install a new kitchen in the oil boiler room.  Install a new high-efficiency cooling system with Heat Recovery Chiller in the old tank room.   We’re not sure what they have planned for the large mechanical room but the space will be used to increase the value of the building in one way or another.


(Below: Our engineering plan for a high-efficiency domestic hot water system using Intellihot commercial tankless water heaters and storage tanks.)
Project:  140 unit multifamily and light commercial needs on 7th ave, Midtown Manhattan.

If you are already working with an NYC engineering firm, let us check your engineering documents or talk about your plan before you commit the project.  In almost every case we can find better, more efficient systems that offer superior energy savings.

We Are The Best High Efficiency Experts in NYC.

We have the design, and can offer the installation services too. The plumbers we’ve partnered with are the best you can get, true high-efficiency heating professorial you can trust with your home or your business, and your precious time.