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853peiterEnergy Reduction Management Services (ERMS)

Heating Consultants, NYC

Our  Energy Reduction Management Services goes well beyond our education services.  Professional consultation service are for owners beyond the beginning “research phase”.   When you commit to this service, you’re committed to improving your building, and we will make the same commitment to you. We provide all the information needed for all the options that best fit your building.  We will get you all the details, contractor quotes, equipment pricing, light engineering, gas load letter submitted and many of the necessities your project needs to get off the ground.  For a low weekly fee we will continue oversight throughout the entire upgrade process and commissioning.  Our oversight services give you more personal service, and often more oversight, and more updates for less than typical engineering firms.

163What you get for your $$:  We act as your knowledgeable personal assistant, assisting with every step of the project.  Utilizing the large network of heating & cooling professionals we have built over the years ensures fast quotes from certified and licensed installers. Professional energy auditing to benchmarking compliance.  Material quotes straight from wholesale heating & HVAC suppliers or directly from manufactures.

No obligation: You are not in any way, shape or form required to use our quotes or suggested installing contractors etc.  However, we HIGHLY recommend you HIGHLY consider using our installers for High-Efficiency heating installations, heat recovery, mod con, & low mas installations.

853chris2How we save you money:  Our Energy Reduction Management Services can show you how to save energy and money dozens of ways.  With our ability to break down even the largest heating systems installations with our large network of contractorsWhy should you pay the boiler company a fee just for calling the chimney company?  You shouldn’t and when you work with us you don’t have to go with the large expensive “all in one service” solution.

We are the key to the entire operation.  We are the educators and communication guys, connecting building owners directly to the men and women performing the work.  With our expertise and advice you will be able to save money and avoid countless headaches.

paymentstakenOur consultations rates are
Call For Pricing.

What our heating consultation consists of (in detail).

With our E.R.M.S you get as much time as you need from our BPI Multifamily Heating Experts, ranging from a few weeks, months or years of service.  There is no set minimum or maximum amount of time to work with our ERMS program.


ERMS service consists of multiple Face-to-face meetings, plus all our “behind the scenes work”, with unlimited phone, text and emails included.
Our prices depend on size, location, construction of the building.  Other factors include; whether or not there are blueprints, foot print drawings, existing energy audits, available utility bills and more.


Typically our rates consist of 1 time fee, determined by the project scope, needs of the project, location & building owners energy reduction goals.  (typically from $499-4,999)  Then weekly project management fees (typically from $99- $225) per week, to continue with the project until it’s completed or the agreement ends.  Long term consulting deals are negotiable, if seeking a major upgrade for a building with 100+ units with new gas service, or multiple buildings, a pre-negotiated 6, 12, 18 or 24 month deal is recommended.

How long does a ERMS take?

That all depends on the size of the building and what we’re trying to accomplish.   If you are just trying to put a plan together you will only need a few weeks to a few months of help.   If you are beyond the “research phase” and are ready to start a significant construction project the posses could take a year- for large multifamily buildings installing all new high-efficiency heating equipment.

The first consultation consists of our representative gathering information on the building for about an hour or two.  Basic improvement proposals with product and installation quotes will only take a couple of weeks, and the most advanced systems available for large Manhattan buildings could take a couple months to design, and a couple months to install.  Maybe much longer depending on gas availability.   There many factors to the time and energy require for heating system upgrades in New York City buildings, call to schedule your appointment.

ERMS Does Not Not Include;  Drawings, Commissioning, Energy Modeling, Local Law 87 Help, Financial Incentive Guarantees, Full Engineering Services.  All these services ARE available as a per-need basis, or altogether included with any large scale existing multifamily systems upgrade and project management agreement.

NYSERDA MPP**Get A Portion Of Your ERMS Paid For By NYSERDA**
Our consultants are NYSERDA MPP partners!
Learn why this matters for your wallet.

Our Service Areas-

Our main areas of service are, Manhattan, Bronx, Rockland and Westchester.

Need help with a gas conversion?
We can help with that too, learn more.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin-

Between you and your energy reduction goals lies a maze of options, city ordinances, local laws, and likely requires a large network of quailed and licensed contractors.  Compare us to the competition and you’ll find, our Energy Reduction Management Services are exactly what you need.
**We are willing to travel to any part of the the Tri-State Area for the right offer.