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NYC Boiler Repair, Maintenance, & Replacement

Keep your Equipment in Top Shape with Proper

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H.E.A.T is the only company providing maintenance & repair services for all major brands of high-efficiency condensing boilers in NYC.

Maintenance and Prevent Breakdowns Too.

H.E.A.T.’s manufacturers certified heating techs specializes in the replacement and retrofitting of boilers and hot water heating systems for residences in The Greater NYC Area.  We provide service for apartment buildings, condominiums, large multifamily buildings, laundry mats, restaurants, and light commercial pr0operties.  In the field we often find equipment and systems that could have had their useful lives extended for years if the owners had opted for annual service, cleaning and testing by a trained boiler service professional.

For H.E.A.T. in NYC, boiler repair and maintenance is all about safety, dependability, and efficiency. AND, we believe boiler maintenance is the single most important thing you can do to increase the life of your boiler

Carbon monoxide leaks or improper installations of your vent piping and chimneys can create a safety hazard. We can easily test for those concerns as well as identify improvements in your piping that could improve circulation and spread the warmth more uniformly throughout your radiators.

Boilers and hot water heating systems are effective because they can heat large spaces more efficiently and comfortably than other forms of energy. 

Call for maintenance if you are experiencing any of these issues:  Noisy pipes, poor heating performance, some radiators are not giving off heat, there is water leakage around the boiler or you notice that the expansion tank or pressure relief valve is leaking water.

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Burner tune up & control system upgrade

Our New York City Boiler Repair Services Include:

  • Combustion analysis for energy efficiency improvements, safety and dependability
  • We provide all services on circulating pumps and hot water pumps.
  • Zone valve checks
  • Gas leaks and control checks
  • Pressure vessels and expansion tanks checks
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Operational Safety checks
  • Boiler replacement (We can replace boilers under emergency circumstances any time of the year)

    No maintenance = destroyed heat exchangers in all condensing boilers.

    No maintenance = destroyed heat exchangers in all condensing boilers.

  • High efficiency boilers and installations – We replace many old and outdated residential and commercial boilers with new high efficiency units, helping many of them realize significant cost savings or increased hot water production.
  • Boiler piping.  (We can re-pipe boilers so they operate both more efficiently and quietly for you)
  • Boiler troubleshooting specialists
  • Boiler tune-ups
  • We clean and tune-up gas burners and heat exchangers.
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Radiant and in-floor heating service and installation
  • Snow melt boilers and systems
  • Baseboard heaters

Burner Service

Powerhouse provides burner services for every major manufacturer including.

very old burner

If you have a burner that looks like this, it’s time for a energy upgrade-

Cleaver Brooks, COEN, Todd, Faber, ST Johnson, Powerflame and many more.  If you are burning #2 Oil, Natural Gas, Solid Fuel or anything else, HEAT has experience with it.  Keep your boiler running at optimal efficiency with HEAT’s burner service.

Efficiency = Savings

Your boiler is most likely less efficient than it can be. Improve your boiler’s performance, increase it’s efficiency and save thousands in fuel costs.


Meet the strictest emissions standards by improving your existing boiler’s emissions. Powerhouse is an expert on getting the most out of your equipment. Regulations may force your existing equipment to meet new standards; use Powerhouse to keep your boiler in compliance.


Pressure vessel in good shape? Need more efficiency? Need to lower your emissions? New burner technologies are being introduced all the time, and Powerhouse can retrofit a new burner on your existing boiler and increase your boiler’s efficiency and carbon footprint.  Save big over the OEM, use Powerhouse for your burner retrofit.


Is it Time to Replace your Boiler?

A coal fired boiler, converted to #6 oil, converted to #4 oil.  The building owners wasted about a million dollars keeping this this in service over the past 15 years

A coal fired boiler, converted to #6 oil, converted to #4 oil. The building owners wasted about a million dollars keeping this this in service over the past 15 years

It IS time to replace your boiler if it can’t satisfy current safety, dependability and efficiency requirements.
Selecting a quality boiler means finding the right equipment that will do the job, and fit within your price range.

Rely on H.E.A.T. to help you decide which piece of equipment, and which controls to use based upon requirements such as:

  • How many square feet in the structure? Is it well insulated?
  • What size (capacity) boiler do you need?
  • What boiler efficiency rating do you need – Standard or High Efficiency?
  • Has the existing system done a good job of heating all spaces?
  • Do you need outdoor reset controls?
  • Will you need a cast iron, stainless steel or copper boiler?
  • How will you vent the boiler?
  • Would you like to control your heating from a remote location via the internet?
  • Who will provide the “after-installation” maintenance”?

The pros at H.E.A.T. will ensure that you have the right size, type and installation of hot water heating system to suit your needs. In NYC, with the proper permits, boilers can be replaced in a heating or plumbing  emergency at any time of year. We are always conscious of efficiency, safety and dependability. We have the right energy-saving equipment for your facility and will professionally install it with the correct venting, piping and controls.

In NYC, Boiler Repair is just a phone call away: 800.524.4280

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We service Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Harlem, Westchester, Rockland, Queens county areas.   And Stamford Connecticut.