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LL 87 Audits

NYC Local Law 87 (LL87) – Audits & Retrocommissioning


local law 87Starting in 2013, all buildings in New York City over 50,000 square feet will be required to comply with Local Law 87 (LL87), the City’s energy auditing and retro-commissioning requirement. Building owners can approach LL87 as another NYC mandatory requirement, or see it as an opportunity to improve the energy performance of their buildings and reduce their energy costs.

By working with our NYSERDA MPP partner we can help you access the NYSERDA MPPspecial NYSERDA multifamily performance incentives that can pay for a large portion of the buildings upgrades and help finance the rest needed at below market rates.

With many energy audits worth of experience, H.E.A.T.’s engineering staff will make it easy for you to meet the Law’s requirements, while also providing a thorough, high-quality audit and retro-commissioning process that will maximize your energy savings and reduce operating costs at your building.

There are three stages to Local Law 87 compliance:

1)benchmarking nyc  The energy audit. Appropriately certified technicians visit the building and evaluate the performance of all the building’s energy-related systems: heat and hot water, lighting and other electrical loads, and the building envelope. Based on their findings, they develop an audit report evaluating the performance of the building’s systems, and recommending improvements. Bright Power has the experience and certifications to perform your Local Law 87 energy audit.

2)  Retro-commissioning. Based on the audit and City guidelines, a qualified retro-commissioning agent identifies work that must be completed to comply with the Law. (This work is best compared to  intensive maintenance, and specifically does not include major capital improvements.) After the work is done, the retro-commissioning agent re-inspects building systems to confirm they meet the City’s requirements, and prepares a report verifying that the property is in compliance. Bright Power has the experience and certifications to act as your retro-commissioning agent.

3)  The Energy Efficiency Report. The energy audit report and the retro-commissioning report are submitted to the Department of Buildings to achieve compliance.

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