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NYC Boiler & Water Heater Installation Service

Burnham steam boiler nyc

Burnham- light commercial steam boiler install.

Simple “swap-out” replacements of boilers and water heaters are painless and affordable with HEAT.  Complete boiler room installations and all that goes along with the project are available from H.E.A.T’s network of high-efficiency heating, steam, water heater and boiler professionals.

From engineering to complete installation, start-up, commissioning, to testing, we are you NYC boiler installation source.  No need to subcontract as H.E.A.T.s certified boiler professionals have installed boilers and boiler rooms for more than 20 years.  Our expertise and network of qualified installation contractors will allow for a quick and easy installation on even the most challenging NYC boiler installations.

Start to Finish

With our professional staff of engineers, qualified installation contractors, large equipment selection and wholesale pricing, we are your one source for boiler room installations in NYC.


H.E.A.T. installs boilers,  in NY & CT, and has the experience to ensure your boiler installation meets all local codes.

Temporary Needs

temporary boiler

Temporary boiler

Experience zero downtime during construction. Whether you have a completely new boiler room or are renovating an existing facility, we will help you rent a portable boiler room so the building and it’s tenants never skip a shower.

Need Help With Your Current Boiler Or Want A High-Efficiency Replacement Idea?   Give The Heating Pros at H.E.A.T. provide the assistance you need.  800.524.4280