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Insepection Services

Is you boiler installed correctly?  If you have to ask you should make a small investment in our professional heating system inspection.  Whether the system was installed last month or 20 years ago, get the peace of mind you deserve.  Small piping mistakes equals large inefficiencies for all heating systems.

Small mistakes on high-efficiency heating systems will lead to loud sounds, no-low fuel savings, constant running, error codes, premature part & heat exchanger failures.

Attention: There are not many engineering firms qualified to design high-efficiency heating & hybrid heat recovery cooling systems.  The vast majority of the engineers throughout NYC will tell you they are proficient in high-efficiency application design but they simply try to cut and paste from manufactures PDF’s.

Attention:  There are even less qualified plumping- heating contractors in NYC that understand how to install high-efficiency equipment for commercial applications.

Attention:  Unfortunately high-efficiency heating equipment is being installed incorrectly all over the city.


Pictured below is an inspection, we found a few troubling issues causing all types of problems with this 700K high-efficiency heating system.   Location: W 114th

Inspection services.

If you are unsure your heating system was installed correctly, about to die, needs improvements etc.  Or wondering why it’s not giving you any fuel savings over your previous equipment.
Have us look it over and give you our honest opinions.

paymentstakenInspection Fees run from

$250+  residential

$500+ commercial

Note: Even small problems found and correctly can lead to drastic efficiency improvements and prevent major system breakdowns and failures.  If you have been told you need to replace your boiler and you feel there is more life left in it, chances are there is.  With basic improvements and a new improved control system we can possibly get a terrific fuel savings as well as a keep boilers lasting longer and running safer.

“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers”