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Heating Educational Services NYCheating consulting nyc

Our educational consultation service is for any building owner, or property manager within the beginning phase or “research phase” of a heating system upgrade for; commercial, high-rise residential, and multifamily buildings throughout NYC & CT.  Our experts provide the first answers required for making informed decisions, well before committing to a future upgrade.  This service provides many of the same answers, and yet without all the time and energy required meeting contractors, getting quotes, and avoids high costs of an engineering firm.  Spend a couple of hours with us and save Time & Monday, it’s that simply.

After our educational service you’ll be ready for engineering plans, contractor bids, or towards our in-dept consultation services if you need professional help/ project management services.

Heating Educational Consultation Services, NYC-

Personal meetings available within:
Manhattan, Bronx, Rockland, Westchester- New York
Stamford, Bridgeport, New Haven- Connecticut

Every educational meeting goes over basic boiler improvement ideas, alternative energy introductions, high-efficiency products, heat recovery options, new system controls and more.   We simply charge by an hourly rate, the more questions you have, the more time you will need.

  • 2 hours – $478.00paymentsacc
  • 3 hours – $577.00
  • Day Rate:  $795.00  (5  hours)
    Schedule a full day if you own or manage multiple properties (2 properties max per day)

Secondary follow-up communication, getting quotes, talking to contractors, providing research etc.
By: phone, text messages, IM or Email –
-First hour-  $50
-$75 per hour there after


What You Get With Our Educational Meeting:education

This 1st educational meeting helps building owners begin to comprehend/ digest the seemingly endless energy-saving products and services available today.

Pre-Meeting Phone Call-
Starts with a phone call.   Before the actual meeting with our heating consultant needs to collect information about your building and do some homework.  This helps maximize efficiency with our physical meeting.
Remember: Before any plan calling for building system upgrades can be formulated or new products suggested, an energy system expert needs to gather important information about your building.  After this information is collected over the phone and basic homework preformed our experts will start getting an idea of your building and it’s energy system deficiencies.

Our physical meeting includes a site visit from our qualified heating consultant, where he or she spends time going over your buildings current system as it stands today including; the current boiler, chiller, the heat delivery system, domestic water heating system, gas feed line, the chimney and oil tank.  Other things are accounted for as well as; such as the logistics of the building, traffic patterns, pedestrians and ease or difficulty of access to the boiler room from “street level.”

During this initial meeting our consultants offer advice covering topics from many numerous heating industry segments, such as:

  • Improved Control Systemsengineering heating systems nyc
  • Field Fabricated Boilers
  • High-Efficiency MOD-CON Boilers
  • High-Efficiency Installation Requirements
  • Hydronic Boiler Upgrades
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Steam Boiler Upgrades
  • Basic Engineering
  • ConEd Requirements for Gas Conversions
  • Steam to Hot Water Conversions
  • Introduction to VFR & CHP systems
  • Helpful insight on bidding contractors such as Plumbers, Chimney Services, Oil Tank Services and Others.

After your first meeting you will learn about simple low cost and effective upgrades, high-efficiency systems, rough installation costs, and depending on each situation their drawbacks.  You will learn about entirely new systems, and small simple upgradable systems for your current boiler.  As a knowledgeable representative of the high-efficiency heating industry, H.E.A.T. wants to help you learn about new options you haven’t yet heard of.  Along with the steps needed to get the system installed correctly and passed current DOB requirements.

What can you realistically expect to learn from our Educational meeting?

A lot, likely as much as you want to know.   If our consultant doesn’t have the answer, we’ll figure it out and get it to you.

What can I expect to save if I take your advice? 

We can get just about any sized commercial building an 8-10% oil or natural gas fuel reduction for a 8-12k investment, requires no shut down time during installation.  For building owners that want the most radical savings possible, we can get a qualifying buildings an 70-80% fuel reduction with a custom designed ultra high-efficiency hybrid system utilizing 2 or more high-efficiency systems together.

We will share multiple ideas to help you save on heating expenses in all budget ranges.  We’ll talk about gas supply requirements, venting & installation requirements, service and maintenance requirements and the investment required for each system.

What happens after the Educational meeting?

It’s time to get the professionals to your building.  If you want to convert to natural gas we need to get the BTU load letter to ConEd.  We look into financing opportunities.  We can get quotes for all the suggested work from our extensive team of heating & energy systems professionals.

Depending on what type of quotes your looking for we will need to bring a few of the following professionals to your building.
Some of these professionals are, but limited to:

  • Product reps
  • Equipment supplier
  • Plumbers
  • Engineers
  • Electrical contractors
  • HVAC contractors
  • Pipe fitters
  • Oil tank inspector
  • Chimney inspector
  • ConEd Rep
  • and more

Spend a couple of hours with us and you’ll get the education you need and simply can’t get anywhere else within the same time frame.

There are some disappointing truths, price shock, city code requirements and other challenges with some heating improvement options.  We have new ideas, and share many trade secretes that simply can’t be found anywhere else.  After our meeting you might have an entirely different plan of action than your thinking about now.  We have all the information for a commercial heating upgrade in NYC and our NYSERDA MPP epartners can get you access to sizable incentives for your project.

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