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coming-soonGOur mission is to open New York Cities’ First High Efficiency Heating Parts Facility.

High Efficiency Heating Repair Part Availability, NYC:

Currently we do not have many repair parts to speak of.  (please don’t call and ask for them, yet)  We have the bare bones supply and must order them directly from manufactures just like anyone else.  However, we are actively trying to work with manufactures so we can build up our own emergency repair parts supply for the NYC area.

Why high-efficiency heating parts are hard to find:  Supply stores don’t make dealing with warranty replacement parts or small parts.  No profit= no stock.

Supply stores disappointment: Heating supply stores selling high-efficiency heating equipment only have the bare minimum parts in stock to begin with, many get taken out of the box, misplaced or mis entered into the computer system stock tracking never seen again.

Weekend parts burn:   Unfortunately, today if you live in the North East and need a part for a high-efficiency boiler or tankless water heater on Friday, your likely out of luck until Tuesday or Wednesday, even with rush next day delivery.  A wife and family without heat or hot water for 3-4 days in never a good thing but lots of families get forced into this tough situation every winter.

 NYC high efficiency heating parts store.

Our Goal:  Fix the problem and become the #1 resource for all the  small, hard to get parts, and most important replacement parts for all high-efficiency heating products in NYC.

**Attention manufactures and investors we have a mostly unused warehouse in the South Bronx, 2 blocks from the NY Post.   PERFECT to become NYC’s first high-efficiency heating repair supply center.   Property already secured on long-term lease, and has been built as a supply store with a new bathroom and front counter 100% completed.
All we need is the stock.

With the demand for high-efficiency heating products on the rise and so many unqualified plumbers installing them, we will inevitable have more customers than we can handle.  It’s hard to express how bad a store like this is needed in The Greater New York City Area.