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For our high-efficiency heating system upgrades and new installations of heat recovery or high-efficiency products, our partners with Peterson Engineering Group handle it all.

Peterson Engineering Group, is an ecologically minded engineering firm specializing in designs to make your building projects both environmentally and economically friendly. With over twenty years of experience, our services focus on LEED™ AP/LEED Commissioning, Sustainable and Renewable Energy design, and Commercial/Industrial/Retail Refrigeration systems design. Offering full engineering services in mechanical HVAC, Plumbing systems design, Fire Protection systems design and Electrical systems & Mission Critical Systems design.

Commercial/ Industrial/ Retail- Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration Systems Design.
* Mechanical Design
* Heating System Designengineeringhotwater
* Fire Protection System Design
* Electrical System Design
* Low Voltage System Design

* Retail/ Produce Refrigeration Systems and Upgrades
* New Installations:
–  Glycol/Brine/Co2 System Design
–  Centralized Low Refrigerant Volume Systems
* Existing Installations:
– Upgrade Systems Design for:
* Refrigerant Upgrade
Enhanced Commissioning


Peterson Engineering Group, LLC has a dedicated focus on personal service. With LEED AP, Building Commissioning Agent and CEM certifications, our talented and highly experienced staff will work with both your existing designs and visions in-progress to maximize output and efficiency while minimizing your initial investments and lower operating costs. Creating and maintaining green buildings and systems begins with knowledgeable design and a commitment to excellence.


Sustainable and Renewable Energy Design
* High Efficiency Building Systems
* Plumbing
* Electrical Lighting and Power
* Building Management System Designs
* Wind Power Generation
* Solar PV and Thermal Designs
* Co-Generation Facilities
* Comercial Fuel Cell Instalations
* Security and Data System Designs
* Mission Critical System Designs



Leed™ AP

* New Construction
* Existing Buildings: Operations/ Management
* Commercial Interiors
* Core and Shell
* Schools: K-12
* Retail


Commissioning of New and Existing FacilitiesLEED retro comissioning

* Leed™ Fundamental Commissioning
* Leed™ Enhanced Commissioning
* New Facility Commissioning
* Retro Commissioning & Building “Tune-up”
* Building Management Systems: Installation
and Upgrade

Leed-AP Certified
Certified in Energy Management

              Certified Building
Commissioning Professional


Proud Member Of:
The Association of Energy Engineers


American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers
American Society of Plumbing Engineers


Building Officials and Code Administrators


International Ground Source Heat Pump Association


National Society of Plumbing Engineers


Environmental Protection Agency – Energy Star


United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

Peterson Engineering Group, LLC

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