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Factory Certified Help

More NYC high-efficiency heating contractors are needed. 

We are helping add more qualified contractors to NYC by offering classes associated with tankless water heater, mod-con boiler and combi heating system.  However after our training class you will not find yourself on any manufactures website as a local installer.  In order for a plumber or heating contractor to get listed on manufactures websites a; trusted installers, factory certificated installers or repairmen, individual training is needed from each manufacture.

We want to help more NYC heating professionals get manufacture certified by working directly with our product reps and have the ability to provide the individual manufactures training courses right in our Manhattan office.


Coming Soon!

We’re building a new database with the top heating manufactures/ product reps .  Soon listed here will be a steady stream of all the most current information on up-coming and  future heating classes being offered by in the Tri-state area and Connecticut.



More information about high efficiency water heater manufacture certification: (Until we get our plan in action)

How to get listed as a factory trained high efficiency boiler installer? Individual training for each manufacture is required for each manufacture you want to be certificated with.

Where to manufactures offer training for high efficiency heating products? Most manufactures are offering free training for any plumbers interested in becoming a certified installer.

Where are manufactures offering training for high efficiency heating products?  Unfortunately high-efficiency heating training classes are usually held far from the heart of NYC.

How to find out about training for high efficiency water heaters, mod-con boiler and combi heating systems?   Call your local high efficiency heating supplier to find out about upcoming training classes.