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High Efficiency Heating Product Training NYC


ATTENTION water heater installers

Ready to step up your business and start installing high-efficiency heating equipment like tankless water haters, mod con boilers and combi boilers?   We want to help.

Coming soon, High Efficiency Installation & Repair Training NYC

navien training nycSoon we will be offering private training for detailed installation techniques needed for flawless installation of high-efficiency water heating equipment.  Classes on; mod-con boilers, tankless water heaters and combi boiler installations.

The Education Needed For Today’s High-Efficiency Heating Equipment.

Our classes are for experienced plumbers, building maintenance professionals, facility managers,  and appliance technicians seeking training in;  Servicing, maintaining and being able to do minor and major part replacements for tankless water heaters, low mass boilers, and combi boilers.


A) Tankless Water Heater Training NYC:

The truth is the standard domestic water heaters are easy to install.  We will have 2 types of classes, basis and advanced/ repair classes.
Our training is geared towards issues associated with.

  • tankless repair training nycPart 1
  • How to identify installation sites
  • Product sizing
  • Basic installation tips
  • Well water issues
  • Low & high water pressure issuesbaxi boiler training nyc
  • Venting requirements/ tips
  • Part 2
  • Maintaining Servicing
  • Reading Error code
  • How to get costumer service support
  • Repair training


B) Mod-Con Boiler Training NYC:

Modulating Condensing boilers also known as, wall-hung boilers and low-mass boiler, require specific installation requirements.  Each manufacture has different details but the major installation points are mostly the same.  Our mod-con boiler training is geared towards issues associated with.

  • The CORRECT parts to usenavien training nyc
  • What parts NOT to use
  • Well water issues
  • Low & High pressure issues
  • Venting requirements/ tips
  • Good vs Bad installations

(We recommend starting with tankless training before moving to mod-con boilers.)


C) Combi Boiler- Water Heater Training:

Combi boiler- water heaters/ are the most complicated water heating installation on planet Earth.   Again the domestic water heaters side of the installation is easy.  However the heating portion requires extremely detailed installation techniques, using particular parts, installed in the correct way.  Not installing a combi boiler exactly right will lead to no improved efficiency over standard cast iron boilers, error codes, failing parts, bad heat exchangers and ultimately a nightmare for homeowners and the plumber that installed it.

Our wall hung combi boiler training covers.combi boiler training nyc

  • Proper sizing
  • Installation requirements
  • Primary- Secondary zone piping
  • Muilt zone installations
  • Circulator vs zone valve
  • Well water issues
  • Low & high pressure issues

(We recommend starting with basic tankless and mod-con boiler  training, before moving to combi boilers.)

Rates are un-known at this time.

To inquire about our upcoming classes shoot us an email at.

We’re trying to put together our first set of classes the Fall of 2013.


“The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.” Aristotle-