Step by step process for converting a commercial building in NYC from heating oil to natural gas.

Natural Gas Conversion Process NYC

What is the step-by-step process for converting a commercial building in from heating oil to natural gas in NYC?

oilnoIt’s a great time to switch to clean, efficient natural gas, and Con Edison is a great partner ready to help you with the supply feed line your building needs but there are two Major areas of preparation every building needs before one bolt is turned.

1) -The Gas Request Process- 

Gas load calculation & ConEd application submission- approval.
A natural gas conversion isn’t even possible until we know there’s enough natural gas either presently coming into the building or in the street near by, or not. If there’s enough gas near by the cost to get the conversion could be next to nothing and offer a lighting quick 3-4 year RIO. If there isn’t enough gas near by, and we need to dig up main avenue over a 1,000 feet for a new gas line the capital investment could be well over $3,000,000 for the gas line alone.  Getting this crucial piece of information from ConEd is not as easy as you think but getting this accomplished is by having professional help.  Get your gas load letter submitted to and (hopefully) approved by ConEd quickly, by having a energy consultant experienced with the process help you.   If you’re in The Greater NYC Area I humbly suggest myself, Jay Sullivan 

2) -Figuring out the price of the job- 

Material prices & Quotes for the tradesmen need to complete the job. We need 2-3 quotes from many different companies.  Plumbers, Gas Fitters, Electrical Contractors, Low Voltage Wiring, Welders, Engineers, Architects, Expediters, Oil Tank & Boiler Removal, Oil Tank Builders, Temporary Heating Solutions, Oil Contaminated Soil Clean-up Companies, Chimney Repair & Lining and more.  The more we break down the job the better the quotes are, it’s a ton of work to manage the process.  My team contains 2-3 licensed-insurance-qualified companies for each and every step if the job.  Give me a call to get the ball rolling  JS  800.524.4280

1-A) Con Edison Application- (more detail)

Before you submit an application for gas service, ConEd encourages you to figure out the property’s internal conversion costs from a professional like myself  (Jay Sullivan)  This reference guide provided by EDF, (environmental defense fund) may help you understand the process and assess your options and potential cost savings.

If you decide natural gas is right for you, Con Edison recommends that you have a licensed professional or qualified engineering firm submit your application for gas service on your behalf.

I need the following information from you.
Your application requires the following information or it will not be reviewed:


  • Your property’s block and lot number
  • Your point-of-entry (POE)
  • Existing oil type (2, 4, or 6)
  • Your oil consumption from the previous 24 months
  • Existing, additional, and total gas load in cubic feet per hour (CFH)
  • The type of service you will require (firm, interruptible, or both)

After your application has been submitted, we will receive an acknowledgement letter from Con Ed, detailing the answer and capital investment needed to bring a new line in, if needed.  Note:  ConEd provides us with a case number used for making inquiries about the application & project.

2-B) Plumbing/ trades quotes for the completed job.
(more detail)

In order to make an informed decision about upgrading your heating system you need to lean about the different new systems that are available today and appropriate for your building.  You then need to select the type of equipment & the manufacture but most importantly you need all the quotes from the different contracts  involved with the project to figure the cost of the entire project.  Remember Con Ed only brings the gas supply line a couple feet in the building and you need to hire a gas fitter to need to take care of the rest of the gas piping and other contracts for every other step of the process.


What’s the first step to a gas conversion for a building in NYC?
Learn More. 


Sick and tired of your enormous oil bill?  You’re not alone.
Close to 10,000 NYC Buildings Burn Heating Oil From the Bottom of the Barrel

I created this article just to meet you.  After you read it you should have realized a few things.  I fully understand the process and second, you should realize you need an energy consultant like me to help you.

Painless oil to natural gas conversion help in NYC.
The only way to have a oil to gas conversion go as painless as possible it to locate a qualified energy consultant that has the proper team in place.  Getting an oil to gas conversion done in a timely manner for a building in New York City is to have someone like me help you.

I work as an independent energy consultant in-conjunction with an environmentally & ecologically minded engineering firm.  I am the water heating guy so if you have a steam,  hot water system, hydro air, steam-to-hot water system and have questions, I’m your guy.  If you want a quote for the full oil to gas conversion and new equipment or something as small as a straight gas conversion I’m you guy.   Along with the heating aspect of the job I can assist with all aspect of the project from temporary heating systems, commercial burner upgrades, oil tank cleaning, boiler removal & disposal as well as testing and testing components of the heating system such as back flow preventers.

Jay Sullivan

How long does the actual work on average takes for a oil to gas conversion?
Our contractors can get the real work done from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. 6-12 months for very large projects and landmark buildings can take a very long time.   The sooner you call the sooner we can get started on your energy reduction plan with natural gas.