What is a NYSERDA MPP partner?

New York State Energy Research Development Authority-  Multifamily Performance Partner, or NYSERDA MPP for short.


MPP Partners are an essential element of NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program (MPP), which provides incentives to help residential building owners, developers and condo/co-op boards, and facility managers improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.  For MPP participants, MPP partners are a key resource, serving as advocates, experts and guides through every step of the program—from application to project completion.  Listen to the NYERDA webinar on the Multifamily Performance Program, the role of the Partner and its impact on your building.

What do Partners do?NYSERDA MPP

Partners begin their engagements by helping their clients estimate and understand the long-term ROI to be gained from energy efficiency upgrade projects, and ensure they take full advantage of NYSERDA’s incentive programs to offset as much of the cost as possible. Clients work with their Partners through final implementation of the projects. Clients also have the option to hire their Partner to install measures if they are qualified to do so.

MPP partnerThrough a partner network of engineers, energy consultants, and other industry professionals, an array of NYSERDA MPP partners have knowledge in the latest building science technology and experience with all facets of multifamily systems and energy efficiency design.  Helping building owners with every step of the way to get existing building’s design and daily operation operating more efficiency, showing you how to save substantially on energy costs and we help building owners access the NYSERDA financial incentives.

To participate, you’ll work with H.E.A.T,  your Performance Partner to conduct a whole-building assessment that looks for energy-saving potential.   Our resulting Energy Reduction Plan sets a performance target for your building, and details specific recommendations to achieve them. As you implement your Energy Reduction Plan and achieve its energy goals for your building, you will be eligible for NYSERDA incentives.

At HEAT, we focus on the buildings heating system, domestic hot water system, and air conditioning systems extensively.  With a secondary, but important focus on; lighting, electrical, and water use.

How your building will benefit

  • Save on annual energy costs.  potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Protect yourself against future volatility of energy costs.
  • Provide tenants with a comfortable and affordable living environment.
  • Comply with all benchmarking requirements.
  • Comply with all upcoming fuel & energy regulations.

Determining if your building is eligible

  • Buildings must contain five or more units with at least four floors.
  • At least 50 percent of the building’s gross heated footage must be residential space; the remaining space can be nonresidential-related commercial space.
  • You must receive your electricity through one of the following utilities: Central Hudson Gas & Electric., Consolidated Edison Company of NY (ConEd), New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG), National Grid, Orange and Rockland Utilities and Rochester Gas and Electric.
  • NYSERDA incentives cannot be combined with incentives or rebates from utility company programs.
  • Buildings that have received incentives or rebates from other programs are not eligible for NYSERDA support for 12 months after receipt of payment.

Financial Incentives

Most importantly, there are BIG (free money) incentives for making your multifamily building energy efficiency, but ONLY when working with a NYSERDA MPP agent.  All performing buildings can get up to $1,100 PER UNIT, in free money from New York State’s energy fund.  Affordable housing buildings can get up to $1,300 PER UNIT with NYSERDAs performance bonus.  Take a look here.