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With our leadership, we help get your building more energy efficient, more profitable and comply with all current and future energy efficiency and benchmarking requirements.   We also help you access free money, grants, incentives, low financing and 0% interest programs from the state to help you pay for the upgrades, through our MPP partnership with NYSERDA.

In short, we work as your project over-seers with access to NYSERDA money. We are heating experts and we make NYC buildings heating and hot water systems as efficient as possible for the best return our clients investment.

We have suggestions for everything, from the smallest device to the largest most highly efficiency systems possible and every step in between.  Inexpensive products will reduce your gas or oil expenses by 10%-15% for around $5 – 10k, with a money back guarantee.  Our manufacture’s engineers work directly with our installers and secondary engineers, to design custom hybrid systems.  The most advanced, most highly efficient gas-fired heating systems available today, offering as much as a 87% reduction in fuel costs over older oil fired systems.

    •   Education:  We educate our clients from the first step, of having little or no knowledge of what types of heating system improvements are available. To understanding enough to make educated decision on where and how much to invest on heating expense reduction goals and project financing.
    • Basic to Final engineering: Our manufacturing support provide us with free engineering we use for the consultation phase and we have engineers that can complete the final construction documents and drawings needed for the DOB for a standard fee.
    • Quotes:
      1. Equipment.  We can get quotes for every single piece of equipment mentioned on this website through our network of suppliers, or directly with our manufactures.
      2. Main Contractors.  Plumbers, pipe fitters, electrical, low voltage wiring are all needed for major improvements.
      3. Secondary Contractors. Oil Tank Removal & new builds, Chimney, Venting, Oil removal, oil spill removal- disposal, demolitions, general contractors etc.  We have all the partnerships needed to cover all phases of these projects.
    • Through a licensed engineering firm we can offer Commissioning, bench marking, code violation corrections.
    • We do NOT require you use our recommended installers.
    • You CAN buy equipment directly from wholesalers. (depending on the project & equipment, installers may have special requirements).
    • If you want a small heating fuel reduction idea, to the most efficiency heating system possible we are the right choice.
    • Lastly, in many cases when needing that “middle of the road solution” requiring a large mechanical company we have partnerships with Hess Energy Services and Petro energy services division.
    • For large commercial/ field fabricated boilers we partner with Clever Books, Superior, and local NY manufactures Rockmill and Easco/ Eastman & Sons.
    • We literally have every angle covered.

We provide vital information, suggestions and communication services needed to make an educated decision on any substantial and even small upgrade.  We offer everything needed so building owners can make major decisions and run the majority of the projects themselves.

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At this time we do not offer in-house full consultation management services.  We hope to find the right local Manhattan engineer in the future for these requests.