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Manufacture Support

A quality business, is all about quality relationships

109We have business ties or personal relationships with product reps for every high-efficiency heating product on the market today.

High efficiency heating & cooling manufactures send product reps to work directly with our team hand in hand for job sizing, engineering, system design and system start-up.  This enables us to get better, more efficient system designs, faster than just about anyone.  This also allows us to get direct wholesaler pricing on the equipment and a guarantee it’s been installed correctly from the manufacture.

High efficiency heating equipment manufactures want to sell equipment, and they know it’s quite challenging to get these systems in NYC buildings for a number of reasons.  Manufactures and product reps do not market/advertise/ or sell to the “end-users” in NYC.   They need our help to meet building owners & property management agents, like you.

Product reps know if they provide us the help we need, they have a legitimate chance of selling equipment to our clients (you).   No strings attached, no purchase commitment required.  Getting the opportunity is all they want.

Everyone wins.

When you choose H.E.A.T. for your new water heating project, it’s not “like” getting manufacture support, is IS full manufacturing support.   Our project managers, our engineers and the manufacturing engineers collaborate on all our multifamily and commercial heating projects.  This ensures just the right amount of BTU’s required, minimizes confusion and speeds up the planning phase.  Ultimately we offer better service, faster commissioning and DOB approval than typical plumbing company or engineering firms can offer.

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