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The Best High Efficiency Experts in NYC.
At the core of H.E.A.T. are a half dozen talented, tireless, hardworking heating professionals and business networking experts.  Manufactures representative  of over 20 water heating heating brands, Eric Gayle, and business manager/ energy consultant,  Jay Sullivan leading the company.

Within our NYC network is literally hundreds of men & women involved with the company and every year we have added to it since 2009.  Just within our NYC plumbing network alone we have 7 plumbing companies with over one hundred of men.  No one plumbing company is the same, some specialize in Steam, others in Hydronic heating and a special few are experts in Low Mass & Combi boilers.

Our team has taken years to put together, countless trade show visits, product demonstrations, installation & repair training courses, supply store encounters, referrals from reps, friends and industry peers etc.

We have 2 teams, the first does physical work the other does everything else.

Team 1


114th st H.E. boiler inspection

1) Plumbers/ Heating Pros:
Our plumbers & heating professionals consists of a half dozen companies.  Some only do steam, others only hot water, and others only high efficiency installations.  We’ll recommend the right companies within our large network.  Depending on what type & size installation you need we have energy services companies for the largest field fabricated boiler installations, residential guys for small installations and mechanical companies for the work in between.

2) HVAC Pros:
VRF systems & Mini split systems, and all heat pump heating & cooling systems are installed by HVAC experts.  We have a small team of VRF experts fully qualified and proven professionals.

heating consultation services nyc

Westend ave consultation

3) Field Fabricated Boiler Builders:
We are partnered up with 2 of the largest companies in New York City.
Rockmill, Boiler Room Equipment, Eastco.   If you need help with a field fabricated boiler, we can help right away.

4)  Energy Service Company:
For the largest NYC buildings and all the largest NYC buildings and all industrial heating upgrades we work with Champion and Hess.

4) Pipe Fitters:
Pipe fitters are needed for gas conversions and major heating upgrades.  They are specialized in turning black iron pipe, 2″+ or larger.   They are less expensive than plumbers used to install heating equipment requiring specialized training and detailed installation techniques.

5) Chimney:
We have 3 companies in our chimney network. Two for “normal” chimney work, and another company experienced with high-efficiency Mod-Con venting installations.

6) Oil Tank:7500 gallon oil tank
We have an array of companies that deal with all the issues associated with cleaning, removing, certifying, and erecting a new commercial oil tanks.

  • Oil tank cleaning
  • Oil tank testing/ X Ray testing/ certify
  • Oil contaminated soil removal
  • Oil tank building companies

7) General Contracts: Holes needs to be drilled through cement walls, floors need leveling out, new walls need to be built and rooms need paint.  We have general contracting companies to handle it all.

8) Electricians:
Heating and/or Cooling upgrades all require electricity and licensed electricians to perform the work.

9) Low Voltage Wiring:
All heating, cooling, VRF, CHP, Heat Recovery and every other system we advise low voltage wiring.  Low voltage wiring professionals handle all the electrical & wiring required, but not the main electrical supply to the system. 

10) Demo:
It takes a professional (licensed- insured) demolition company, with a team of strong men armed with skills and equipment to properly and safely remove a boiler from a NYC building.  We know such men.

07011) Temporary Heating:
Temporary hot water and steam heating trailers for “down time” during major improvements or in the case of emergencies when the primary heating or hot water systems go down.  We have worked with all 3 of the leading companies providing temporary heating solutions for NYC buildings.  Rates from $1,500-3,000 per week for most Manhattan buildings.  We will negotiate the best terms- 

12) Environmental Cleanup:
Old oil tanks can leak and the EPA, The Clean Water Act, and NYC requires strict cleanup measures if oil contamination is found, and reported to the city.  We have the appropriate company to handle such issues- if they come up.   If we catch a leak early, we can prevent MAJOR fines and penalties before Fire & Bench marketing inspections.

Other areas of our network,

Team 2

At the foundation of all major systems improvements are engineers, and we work with extremely talented engineering firms in NYC & CT.  For example:  The Peterson Group, out of Nowalk CT – LEED certified engineering firm with a very successful track record; working on all the major Stew Leonard’s throughout NY and CT.

We have direct purchasing agreements with the largest heating & HVAC wholesale distributors in New York City, Long Island & Connecticut.

Product Reps:
We work with dozens of product reps from every manufacture such as; Viessmann, Triangle Tube, Intellihot, HTP, Burnham, Buderus, AO Smith, Eternal, Baxi, Navien, Noritz, Takagi, lochinvar, SuperStor, Peerless, Laars, Crown, Weil McLain and more.

Expediting Services:
Paperwork, there are many facets of the operation in which needs proper documentation and we have a small team that can handle all phases of submitting the proper paperwork to the correct departments within the city.

Personal Resources:nyserda mpp
We have friends within ConEd, mayor Bloomberg’s office, Clean Heat office, NYSERDA, city inspectors, and even a NYC Congress women.  We know exactly where NYC is heading and that’s directly into the “high-efficiency” revolution.

Whether NYC building owners wants it or not, NYC buildings will be forced into becoming more efficient with mandatory bench-marking laws.  Owners should look at this as a great opportunity to make their buildings more profitable. The city, environmentalists, concerned parents, building owners, tenants, plumbers, equipment suppliers all want the exact thing; making NYC’s buildings more efficient.  Before 2011 there wasn’t much educational help available for building owners until now.  We offer exactly what the city residents, politicians, community leaders, and buildings owners need.

FACT:   It takes a half dozen- to a small army or companies to install a new heating system within a Manhattan building.  It takes months of behind the scene work exploring the options, engineering, rebate procurement, and to get quotes for the best plan.   DO NOT DELAY-