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A Cut Above The Rest-  Our Engineers

Some so called engineers are really Copy & Paste professionals, re-using data available on manufactures websites and tech sheet PDF’s.   This simply will not do for high-efficiency heating systems, as they all need to be custom designs for each and every application.

The engineers in our network cover the wide range of services needed for small to large heating and cooling improvements in NYC buildings.  Engineers provide; energy audits, technical feasibility studies, energy modeling, rebate procurement, commissioning and construction management services for small improvements and detailed modern high-efficiency installations.

853outsideHowever, if you think starting a heating system energy reduction plan STARTS with an engineer, think again.  Engineers will not educate you on what you need to know early in the research phase.  Your average engineer will only suggest systems they are comfortable with.  Most engineers do not offer the newest technologies possible. They do not know about, there for, cannot offer low-cost options. Most can not get you material & labor quotes but many do not deal with the same suppliers on a regular basis as we do.   Not all engineers are the same, with out help we’ll help you hire the right ones, at the right times.

Lack of information on when to use an engineer for a NYC heating improvement.  Just like everything else involved with a major NYC heating upgrade, there is no clear cut information about engineering, which type, how, where or when to use them, nobody has a clue.  The truth is, a mix of engineering services are required for small and large heating system improvements in NYC buildings.  Knowing which ones to use and when, will either save or waste thousands of dollars during the process.

Light Engineering

No matter what improvement is made, before anything we need to calculate how many BTU’s your building truly requires for heating & hot water.

Depending on what type of upgrades you are looking for dictates which engineers we bring on.  For smaller improvements, money is not needed for engineering at all.    For re-piping and  smaller improvements, improved control we don’t need any engineers at all because most suppliers or manufactures will provide us with free light engineering in trying to make a sale.

Real Engineering

Once the education process is over and the heating consultation starts, it’s time to get a professional engineering firm to make our system designs work, on paper.  As well as have drawings created for the DOB review & our construction documents.

Full Service Engineering/ Project Management Services

heat loss commercial heating nyc-Full commissioning and project management services.
-Benchmarking, rebate procurement, tax credits, and more.
-These firms can handle everything.

It’s true, we help educate and break down the project into small manageable pieces and you might not “need” a full service engineering firm right away.   However, for all large NYC buildings (150 units+) going with a major system redesign costing 1 million+, we recommend a full service approach to handle all phases of the plans.   Well beyond the new heating system itself, large buildings have issues smaller buildings don’t, including but not limited to; over all logistics, deliveries, managing multiple crews, heavy equipment, permits, unions employees, etc. Full project management services are needed for large projects in NYC, especially Manhattan.

Note:  If you are interested in a major system improvements for a large NYC building, we still work with you first so you know what plans to put in place.


Additional Info On Engineering.


Get A Second Opinion On Your “Conventional” Heating System Upgrade Plans for your NYC building.

Before you commit to heating upgrade in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars get a second opinion from true high-efficiency heating professionals.  There’s a good chance we can come up with a more efficient system for about the same amount of money as a conventional heating system will cost you.  Also, we can might be able suggest different, less expensive options that can meet the same fuel reductions as larger new expensive plans.


Second Opinion High Efficiency Quote, For Free.
Warning- you better get a second quote/ a second perceptive on your plan before you commit to any high-efficiency heating system design in NYC.

engineering heating systems nycWhen high-efficiency heating equipment isn’t install 100% correctly, the efficiency falls, and the system fails quickly into it’s service life.   You would not believe how few engineers truly understand how these systems properly.  The plumber just simply follows the engineers plans, so they better be the right plans. Make sure you go with the right quote, not the lowest quote.  9 out of 10 times the lowest quote large high-efficiency heating systems come from companies, untrained, inexperienced, unqualified to do the job.  High efficiency design systems are 100% fully custom for the building and require a lot of work.  If you’re engineering quote was very inexpensive he or she likely tried to cut and paste some sets of plans online.  This is a disaster in the making for large NYC buildings. If you have concerns with systems sizing or redundancy on a high-efficiency heating system please contact us right away.


Engineering:   High efficiency design pics.

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