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Service Plans

We’re filling the high-efficiency gap, again- with service.

Most people will tell you it’s impossible to find a plumber to do any maintenance calls on high-efficiency heating equipment and for the most part that is true.  Not with us.


Maintenance Plans.calnder
Almost un-found in the high-efficiency segment today is quality “long-term service plans” and we’re proud to offer a short, long and extended term service plans on every high-efficiency heating system we install.  Even if we didn’t install your system we can offer a maintenance plan for your system, after it passes our inspection.


Extended service & maintenance plans, servicelogooffered “in-house.”  The installers we’ve partnered up with are proud to offer extended service maintenance & repair plans for the equipment we suggest.  You can be sure we have your best interest at heart.   A company willing to stand behind our installations for the long haul, is a quality company you can believe in.


Extended warranty plans, offered with 3rd party cowarrantycompany. Partnering with an insurance company based in Ohio, we can offer extended warranty plans on conventional and high-efficiency heating systems.  Offered to new and existing heating systems in 5 year blocks of time warranted.  The heating system must pass an extensive system inspection before approval.


**FREE 3 YEAR service plans come with all our custom hybrid heating system designs.  These systems are so advanced, so custom, we don’t want anyone even touching these systems.  We will include all the service and maintenance for the first 5 years and a discounted rate for life there after.
Maintenance training: If you have a building super or in-house heating expert or in-house engineer we encourage he, she, or they, to learn our maintenance techniques so the service can handle it in-house after our 5 year full service commitment ends.  



Emergency Repair.
Many of our installers are also certified repairmen, learn more.

When you choose us for your high-efficiency heating system you are choosing a company that fully commits to the longevity of your building in mind.

From the first call, to the NYC city inspector signing off on the completed project and every step between, High Efficiency Application Technology is here for you.