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Why Us

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Why choose us to help with your commercial or multi family building’s heating upgrade?  That’s easy.


  • Heating supply stores will only suggest you purchase equipment they sell.
  • HVAC companies will only suggest systems and equipment they sell.
  • Plumbers that do “conventional” heating systems will only suggest you go with conventional upgrades & products they are comfortable installing.
  • Contractors that only install “high efficiency” systems will only suggest the most expensive and elaborate options.
  • Product reps only suggest you purchase equipment they represent.
  • Engineers only design systems they are comfortable designing. 

Who has your best interest in mind?

We do.

We can help you save more energy, more fuel, and offer a plan with increased space savings.  We are more effective over any other typical plumbing, heating, mechanical services, and engineering firms best heating upgrade plan.

What separates us from everyone else is aside from convention upgrade options, we are fully knowledgeable, factory trained & certified high efficiency heating experts.  We’ve partnered with well over a dozen of the top high efficiency heating manufactures such as; Viessmann, Intellihot, Turbo Max, & Fujitsu on their latest heating products.  When you work with us for your heating upgrade, it’s like you’re working with a small army of the top professionals in the industry.  Learn More.


You don’t have to choose us, and a high efficiency heating system might not be right for your building, but you should at the very least explore the possibility.  800.524.4280

Painfully, many NYC building owners are committing to major heating upgrades without even exploring high efficiency systems.  Either because they have no knowledge about the products & services we represent or, they are getting bad advice from people unqualified to even talk about high efficiency systems.

Where no one seems to have answers on mod-con venting issues, we do.  Simply put, we have all the “issues” associated with high efficiency heating equipment in NYC, identified, figured out and laid to rest.


Where to find professional advice on heating system improvements in NYC?

081Truth be told, there are many ways to reduce your current heating expenses and not all of them include major construction, getting ConEd involved, or large capital investment requirements. Some of the smallest re-piping jobs equal the largest “bang for your buck” with fuel savings & provide a lighting fast return on investment.   Yes, our most elaborate Hybrid-High EfficiencyHeat Recovery Systems are the most expensive, but also offer the most drastic operational savings.  In almost every single case we’re on, we find small to large issues that together add up to huge inefficiencies and a large hole in your profitably.  What road you want to take all depends on your goals and budget.

profitGet your building profitable again. We understand just because you own a building in NYC it doesn’t mean your necessarily wealthy.  Many of our clients have no choice but to upgrade their building’s heating system because the heating expense eats up every dollar of rental income.  If your building expenses are close to or exceed your monthly income you have a serious problem, and it doesn’t matter what time of year it is.

Want to go High Efficiency?
High efficiency tankless boilers, and combi boilers and other gas fired, mod-con boilers are not right for every building or budget.   However, we can still get high efficiency levels on steam systems, even running on heating oil with the proper plan.

Get a Second opinion on your new heating system plans-
Before you commit to a job in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars get a valuable FREE second opinion on the plans before you commit to the plan.

 The Best High Efficiency Experts in NYC.
The plumbers we’ve partnered with are the best you can get, true high efficiency heating professionals that you can trust with your home or your business, and of course your precious time.

Give us a call and schedule your appointment today.
We can meet with you, your building supervisors, property manager or anyone that can let us into the areas of the building we need to get into.  Based on our findings, we tell you what systems fit for your building.


Contact us for a professional heating & cooling company focused on high  system design and installation, serving Manhattan- NYC


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