Benchmarking Compliance NYC

Benchmarking Compliance NYC

If you own a building you may assign a representative in consultation with the building’s operating staff to benchmark your building’s energy use. When benchmarking is complete, you must electronically submit the report generated by the EPA’s online tool – Portfolio Manager. Submit your report the results to the Department of Finance using the NYC portal.

If you received a Requirement to Benchmark Energy Usage notice from the Department of Finance or see your building on the list of buildings required to benchmark and believe this is inaccurate, or wish to dispute your building’s square footage or wish to dispute the number of buildings on a tax lot, contact the Department of Finance at If you are disputing the square footage of your building or the number of buildings on a tax lot, please include the following information in your email:

  • Your building’s borough, block and lot number
  • Your contact name
  • Your contact email address or telephone number
  • The reason you are disputing your building’s square footage

Benchmarking Violations Have you received a Benchmarking violation and have questions about what it means and what to do next? Click here for additional information If you have additional questions about your benchmarking violation, please send an email to:

Benchmarking Violation Challenge Form.
Use this form if you would like to challenge a violation you received for failing to submit your Benchmarking Report.
Benchmarking Violation Challenge Form (PDF)

For further information regarding compliance with Benchmarking (Local Law 84 of 2009) please consult the Benchmarking section of the Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency website at

If you have not yet started your bench-marketing requirements, we offer the professional help you need.   And our NYSERDA grant money can help you get up to date with all your bench-marketing needs and help you pay for energy system improvements.   Contact us.