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NYC Rebates & Incentives

NYC Rebates & Incentives

Here you will find all the links to the top sites regarding New York City’s latest rebates & incentives for heating & cooling system improvements 2013.

We have already filtered through the options for each site for New York and where possible, commercial applications.

Note:   Most rebates only apply for projects including natural gas, however, you won’t know which rebates you qualify for until you know what system improvements best fit your building.

NYSERDA Financial Incentives


Project Type Firm Gas (per unit) Non-Firm Gas (per unit)
Affordable $1,000 $800
Market Rate $700 $500

Performance Bonus Payment

Existing buildings that project at least 20% energy reduction in the Energy Reduction Plan are also be eligible for an additional Performance Payment in accordance with the table below.

Tier Performance Payment (per unit)
Tier #1 – 20%-22% $150
Tier #2 – 23%-25% $200
Tier #3 – 26%-28% $250
Tier #4 – 29%+ $300

The NYSERDA incentives and low interest rate financing is unbeatable.

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If you want to do more research follow the links below and learn more.

energygov rebate_eligibility


DSIRE Incentive






(more coming soon)