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Investor Questions

We’re looking for a private investor with a passion for heating, high-efficiency heating, green energy, plumbing etc.

Help fund our new Manhattan office.  Currently we’re working out of Norwalk CT,  and office the South Bronx.  We need a Manhattan location to step to the next level of success and we have enough work in our pipeline and staff to make the move.

The business is owned and ran by an enthusiastic group of people, dedicated to heating, cooling, energy systems, energy efficiency with creative marketing at the our core of our success.

With roughly 20,000 boilers set for decommissioning by 2030 when the heavy fuel oil (PlaNYC) bans have taken place, we expect to see nothing short of explosive growth for the foreseeable future.

jfkdifferPlease  inquire about becoming an investor in our company and team up with a group of passionate people.  Get a return on your investment while making a positive environmental impact.

Why not put your money to work in your own city and enjoy & take credit breathing cleaner air?  Investing into our plan will make a positive life difference for all New York City residents & visitors, and put a sizable return in your pocket.