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Financing Options

Financing options for energy system improvements, NYC buildings. 

financprojectUpgrading a heating system in an old multi-family Manhattan, Bronx, Rockland, Westchester, Brooklyn or Queens County building will lead to a big energy savings.  A small fortune of savings every year makes it a financially sound investment strategy for all NYC building owners.  Unfortunately, with major heating improvements costs in the hundreds of thousands for large older NYC buildings, building owners need access to the investment capital.  We fully understand with expenses running high and profits lower than ever before, many NYC property owners don’t have the liquid capital required for these major energy reducing improvements.  We can help.


Financing Options For NYC Heating System Improvements.


We have financing available for all projects that require a new gas line from ConEd.  So, if you think a project was out of reach because of a lack of capital investment, think again.   Now that the energy market is deregulated in New York, Energy Service Companies are able to sell gas and electricity to you.  The capital investment is loaned for the project, in exchange for a 3-5 year gas and or electricity purchase contract and around 7-7.5% interest on the loan.

Half Market Rate-%

NYC has a bond program in place through NYSERDA for energy improvement projects.   If you and the energy system improvement plan qualify, NYC will loan you the funds needed for a portion of the project.

Turn Key-%

We have large heating equipment manufactures willing to finance large jobs directly.  They engineer, install, maintenance and service the equipment for life with no out of pocket expenses, with our Turk Key programs.
What’s the catch?  The catch is you don’t get the full benefit of all the energy saving because your must split the energy reductions with the manufacture as payment.


Through NYSERDA we can get about 25% of the entire energy efficiency project financed for 0% interest.


A major heating system upgrade can reduce the yearly heating and hot water costs by 50-70% and more with advanced hybrid, custom designed systems.

If you are interested in financing for you New York City or Connecticut commercial/ high-rise/ multi family building?   Contact Us and let our small team of dedicated energy consultants get the process started today.

With professional Energy Modeling services, a plan shows exact savings, costs and RIO figures.  This way you know exactly what will be coming out of your pocket and what’s going back, before one blot it turned.