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Nothing is more important than your satisfaction – H.E.A.T. is dedicated to it.  You can be sure that your experience will be one of professionalism, attention to detail, and care.  J. Sullivan.

I have worked with Jay over the past two years on two projects and I find him to be efficient, thoughtful and dependable.” Clifford R. Webster

“Hey Jay I really want to say thank you for all your hard work. It’s a real pleasure doing business with you all. From the first person who answered the phone by the name of Ashley to the dispatch guy named Jay who both made the first impression of the men installing the equipment, I had a good experience with their professionalism and always accommodating and willing to help. These first impression are important to people because it gives us an idea of what to expect with the rest of the crew. You have fantastic leadership and awesome management. The business manager manages the business with pride and customer satisfaction as his number one goal.  Your guys were clean, friendly, and always picked up after themselves leaving the property just the way they found it. And they were always happy and willing to say yes to all my request. I would highly recommend them to any of my friends and family. Give yourselves a pat on the back, because you guys are a great team. Keep up the good work.” – Frank Millie

“Dear Jay, I am emailing you to thank you for such wonderful service.  I just had Erik come by and figure out my Navien problem for me.  Very nice and great attitude overall.  Keep up the good work.”  –  The Rabbi

“This is a memo concerning the work done by H.E.A.T supervised by Jay Sullivan in our hotel from Dec 14 – Dec 18 2012.  It was a difficult job since the 2nd ave is under construction with the new subway line going in.  Jay and his crew worked hard and Jay was available to us during the whole project and respectful at all times.  It turned out to be costly job but we’re already seeing an improvement on our heating bills.”  David S.

“We were consistently amazed by Jay’s efficiency, professionalism, job and communications skills.” – BMP Property Management.

“Since using Mr. Sullivan’s advice we have saved $15,000 on unnecessary plumbing costs due to his superior diagnostic skills and plumbers ability.”-
The Towers-

“Extremely satisfied with total project, including knowledge of available technology, and how the equipment we installed would affect our conditions. Very knowledgeable installers who were concerned about being neat and clean and keeping us as customers happy.”  James Cacerta Bronx

“We own a number of properties, both residential and commercial.  We used to regularly switch heating contractors in the city until about 2 years ago, when we discovered Mr. Sullivan and his talented professionals.  Their professional work, as heating contractors as their prices were beyond reproach.  It’s truly rare to find a company which is so well trained and organized these days. ”  Dr.  Anderson- Brooklyn Heights

I am very pleased with the Viessmann heating system I received. The service was very good. Overall the process was very smooth, no major problems during installation. Heat gave me terrific service and though their prices we’re not the lowest of our 3 other quotes.  The most important factor for us was the references, and we had the best reference I have ever received from a neighbor.  The installers with HEAT are personable, reliable, and professional.
Bruce Deilo Brooklyn

Jay has great references, even though our building wasn’t able to have the gas conversion we had hoped for Jay told us about an entirely different system we had never heard about had are exploring now.  When the time is right I look forward with working with Mr. Sullivan and his team for our heating upgrade.  Sharyn Lankau

When the home inspector came, he commented on what a quality installation it was.
Lenore Gains –

H.E.A.T. provides high quality work in a small amount of time. They provide emergency services repair which saved us in a jam and Jays staff is well trained in making sure you get what you want throughout the entire process of construction. Overall, pre-construction and during construction they are above expectations.
Thanks for a job well done.  TDM Inc-

The service I received from HEAT was excellent, very prompt, very professional. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a new heating system. They really cared about our buildings needs and most importantly our budget.  Superior company!
Esmeralda Rojas.  Park Property Management-

We were completely satisfied with our Viessmann purchase and the whole installation experience with Jay’s guys.  Charles P. Stamford

Jay & Chris took the time and discussed the project with me (in detail) together along with the other property owner.   We were able to decide what was best for our buildings situation and budget, based on energy modeling figures, and not the alternative, blind guessing.   The lead engineer Chris also gave me numerous tips to help make my system more efficient in ways we had never considered.  I’ m glad we met Jay Sullivan and went forward with the new VFR system and since it’s been installed it’s producing plenty of heat. Best of all, we have no more oil bill!  I still can’t believe how much money we are saving by getting rid of oil and our electric bill hasn’t even gone up that much!   I’m extremely glad I went with my gut instinct and took the advice of the Chris & Jay and I’m sure I’ll be just as comfortable this summer with a much smaller electric bill.
Susan Perilstein  – Mount Vernon

The technicians who handled my job were excellent.  Most co-operative and knowledgeable group of guys I’ve ever dealt with in over 30 years of business.  Samuel Floyd, Brooklyn

As an man from another generation I was essentially very nervous about going with a new modern system I’m unfamiliar with but after talking with the installers I knew I was in good hands.   Our new heating systems is amazing, and I’m so glad we got rid of the oil expense.  I wish we did it years ago.  Mr & Mr.s Debella, Queens

Very pleased with contractor and installed system. Will definitely be telling people to use you as a heating / air conditioning  contractor.  I usually refrain from giving out plumbing references, however this clearly deserves an exception.
Daniel Scott – GMG Management

It has been one year since we purchased a Baxi heating system from HEAT. The system has performed beyond your representations and been truly the quality system you claimed it would be. You did a great job in all respects.  I thank your for a job well done, and a business manner that goes beyond all others.  If anyone would ever need references from satisfied customers, I am available.

Alexander Brynes – White Plains

Jay was the last person to submit a quote but got the job and did everything to satisfy me. He was great. Hope to do business with him in the future
Don Chin

The peoples who work for H.E.A.T. were very committed about their job.  From the first visit the sales person Jay was always on time and interested in giving us the best price and service.  He got us a good financial agreement with the company he represents.  The new hydro heating system is working very well and we haven’t has any kind of problem related to the installation of the equipment. We are very satisfied with this company and I will gladly add my name to their positive heating references.
Raymond Caparilla Rockaway

We were very pleased with the entire job done by Heat.  Your website was most helpful to us, feel free to put our installation pictures online.
Feinstein Family –

I am very happy I chose Jay and his company. They installed a new wall hung gas furnace and central air system for our building. I would highly recommend. All employees very professional  R. Lombardi – NYC.