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We are helping New York City’s multifamily & commercial buildings join the high-efficiency revolution.

We have two convenient locations.

Port Morris- Harlem NYC

Milford Connecticut

If you want the best for your building and the best returns possible for your buildings heating upgrade investment contact us today.



Send us an email about your building and get the ball rolling.  Tell us about it’s energy issues, the current heating system and your energy reduction goals in a short summery to.


More about High Efficiency Application Technology.


When searching for heating efficiency improvements for your building you will be happy that you called a family run, NYC / CT, business totally dedicated to your satisfaction.  When you call us, you are calling local guys.  (we have two team, 1 only works in Brooklyn, Queens, the other covers Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester, Rockland, Stamford CT).

Every call is extremely important to us – you are our neighbors, our colleagues, and our friends.  Our business is about taking pride in work, responsibility for our workmanship and doing the job right for you.  It’s all about you, the building owner.  We work with you and come up with the correct plan to achieve the energy savings you want, based on your buildings capabilities, available incentives and your budget.